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During the recent market upheaval, most investors suffered huge losses in their retirement savings. Unfortunately, many of these investors are seniors who simply do not have enough time to wait and hope for a recovery.

The mere fact that losses occurred in your retirement account does not always give rise to a valid claim against your stockbroker or advisor. However, in many circumstances, the losses suffered could have, and should have been avoided. Questions you should be asking :

  • Are you aware of the risk in your portfolio?
  • Do you have speculative securities in your portfolio?
  • Is your broker working for you or the brokerage firm?
  • Unfortunately, often your broker or advisor may have conflicting interests that prevent you from knowing the answers to these questions. There are two types of investment fraud, by stockbrokers and financial advisers.

    Global Tax Solutions can help you recover losses from either. If you feel you have been a victim of financial abuse by either a stockbroker or financial advisor, Global Tax Solutions can determine whether you may have a claim by completing our free evaluation.

    Stockbroker Disputes

    The law requires your stockbroker to invest only in appropriate securities for your level of risk and investment objective. Learn more about stockbroker fraud and if you should sue your broker.

    Investment Fraud

    Financial advisers are also bound by law to recommend only suitable and appropriate investments for their clients. If you are a financial victim who has suffered the loss of your retirement savings learn how Global Tax Solutions can help you.


Our firm provides each client the individual attention they need and deserve. We keep our clients informed of the progress of their cases, and speak with our clients honestly and straightforward about the likelihood of success and the length of time it will take. The bottom line, we treat clients the way they should to be treated: with dignity, respect and concern.

Seeking Justice for Victims of Stockbroker Fraud

Stock fraud occurs when an individual or brokerage firm acts in a dishonest and manipulative way to the detriment of its customer. If you were a victim of any kind of stock broker misconduct, obtain experienced legal help.

When you trust a securities and investment firm to maintain (and hopefully grow) your savings, you expect to receive truthful, professional, and accurate information and advice tailored to your particular circumstances. Sometimes unscrupulous stockbrokers and investment advisors take advantage of your trust and you can find yourself facing the loss of your life savings because of the dishonesty of others.

Whether your loss is due to unsuitable investment advice, conflicts of interest, or investment fraud, all you know is your retirement income is gone. Whether your loss is due to unsuitable investment advice, conflicts of interest, or investment fraud, all you know is your retirement income is gone. At Global Tax Solutions, our securities and investment fraud lawyers are dedicated to helping victims of stockbroker fraud, broker misconduct, and unsuitable recommendations recover their losses.

Investment fraud and broker misconduct can take many forms. Our experienced securities fraud attorneys, CPAs and MBAs can analyze your portfolio for free to determine if misconduct caused you to suffer losses.

Pursuing Claims for Breach of Fiduciary Duty

As an investor, your stockbroker or brokerage firm has an obligation to act in your best interests — this is called fiduciary duty. If you believe your broker has committed a breach of fiduciary duty, secure your legal rights with the help of a highly skilled securities attorney. We will analyse your case and aggressively pursue recovery of your lost investment. If you have been defrauded, entrust our law firm for experienced advocacy and legal counsel. We are selective in the cases we take in order to devote the right resources towards maximizing our clients' results. We will personally handle all aspects of your case from inception until the end of the case.

Hold Your Brokerage Firm Responsible for Selling Away

When an individual stockbroker sells an investment to a client without the approval or knowledge of the brokerage firm, this is called "selling away," and the firm may be held responsible for the investor's losses due to its failure to reasonably supervise its broker. Our securities attorneys can represent you in pursuing recovery of these selling away investment losses. We represent investors globally, who have suffered serious investment losses due to stockbroker fraud or mismanagement.

Protecting Your Interests

If your brokerage firm does not supervise its employees, how can it protect your interests? Selling away usually results from an individual broker's desire to receive a commission without sharing it with the brokerage firm. The broker will typically sell customers "alternative" investments that the firm does not approve.

Selling away schemes also often involve the sale of promissory notes.

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