Investment Loss

Recovering Investment Losses

Each year, investors lose tens of billions of dollars at the hands of unethical and negligent financial professionals who abuse the trust and confidence of their clients. Bad financial markets expose and highlight investment fraud, stockbroker misconduct and stockbroker negligence. Whether it's recommending unsuitable investments, making false statements, omitting material information or simply negligence, the end result is the same: Investment losses are sustained. Our experienced lawyers can evaluate the strength of your claims and help put you on a path to financial recovery.


The Process For Recovering Investment Losses

When securities and investment firms fail to deal with investors fairly and honestly, legal recourse may be your best option. Our personalized service for clients entails a focused approach that includes giving you an honest assessment of your chances for financial recovery. We begin this process by conducting a detailed evaluation of your case. This includes:

  • 1. A complete review of your investment experiences, including your stated investment objectives. We consider your age, net worth, work history, investment history and stage in life;
  • 2. Calculating the investment losses in your brokerage account;
  • 3. Reviewing and analysing your brokerage account, as well as the commissions and fees charged to your account;
  • 4. Evaluating and understanding the pattern of trading and investment activity in your account; and
  • 5. Analysing the suitability of the investments recommended and sold to you.

In addition, we will prepare the necessary evidence and exhibits related to your case and perform the appropriate legal research. In some instances, we may retain an expert witness in an effort to help prove your damages and to analyse and explain what went wrong and why.

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