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For over 15 years we have successfully represented hundreds of clients in disputes with their stockbrokers and financial advisers. After reviewing your case we will honestly tell you if it’s worth pursuing and if we would recommend settling or going to arbitration. Although arbitration takes longer, a client generally recoups a larger portion of their investment through binding arbitration.

"We believe in handling the case in the best way for our client, which means we take a larger percentage of cases to arbitration then many other firms."

One thing that has not changed with our firm from day one and that is we know the importance of showing each and every client the individual attention and respect they deserve; and if you contact us, we always respond no matter how big or small your case might be.


Senior Executive Partners

Alexander Deacon

Alexander received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles and graduated from Southwestern Law School. Mr. Deacon has made hundreds of court appearances. Mr. Deacon is a tenacious advocate and has developed a reputation for being fast on his feet and particularly skilled in the art of effective cross-examination. Mr. Deacon previously worked at the largest class action securities firm in the nation. Due to Mr. Deacon's courtroom experience, he takes numerous depositions and prepares most cases that require arbitration. Mr. Deacon has a level of experience perhaps unmatched in the securities litigation field. His training and experience have made him a formidable and fearless courtroom attorney.

He successfully builds cases for investors who are the victims of stockbroker misconduct, and securities fraud, including but not limited to investors who have suffered losses from Ponzi Schemes. When Mr. Deacon accepts a case he personally handles the case from inception until the case closes and will not pass the case off to a paralegal a junior associate. Mr. Deacon has successfully won settlements for investors who lost significant financial investment due to fraud or mismanagement by the major Wall Street Firms such as Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, UBS and Citigroup. Mr. Deacon has experience as a securities prosecutor.

Jack A. Stephenson

Mr. Stephenson is a graduate of Bucknell University. He graduated in 1981 and graduated from Duquesne University Law School in 1984. Mr. Stephenson provides personalized attention and effective representation to securities investors who have been victims of stockbroker fraud. Mr. Stephenson is a U.S. Securities lawyer with many years of experience in the U.S. and European capital markets. Jack has significant experience representing U.S., U.K., European and Asian investors on a wide range of international securities transactions. Mr. Stephenson has been recognized as a leader in championing equality and diversity in the legal sector relating to securities transactions where alleged cases of fraud or misconduct have occurred.

Mr. Stephenson specializes in areas where investors have been defrauded in transactions ranging from IPO’s, secondary offerings and private placements to public and private Mergers & Acquisitions. Mr. Stephenson has a wide and varied experience assisting distressed corporations advising the administrators or liquidators of public companies that have been de-listed and also aiding companies in raising additional capital to finance and continue their on-going business practices. Mr. Stephenson previously worked closely with corporate insurance transactions. Mr. Stephenson has dealt with large scale litigation arising out of the provision of financial services.

Bernard Whittaker

Mr. Whittaker has a wide and varied practice, which includes advising shareholders on general issues with respect to distressed assets, mergers and acquisitions and bankruptcies. In 1984 Mr. Whittaker graduated from the National Law Center at George Washington University in Washington D.C. He has been a member of the New York state bar since 1985. Upon graduation from law school, Mr. Whittaker joined the litigation department of one of New York’s largest firms where he worked extensively in all phases of complex class actions on behalf of defrauded investors. Mr. Whittaker became a partner of the firm in 1999 and an equity partner in 2003.

He has negotiated many settlements for his clients and has prosecuted a number of high profile and significant securities fraud actions. Mr. Whittaker has been instrumental in obtaining significant recoveries on behalf of shareholders in cases involving investors who have been defrauded in initial Public Offerings. Mr. Whittaker has also represented institutional investors in direct individual actions. Mr. Whittaker has also been at the forefront representing defrauded investors damaged in the wake of the recent subprime mortgage market collapse.

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