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Sometimes unscrupulous stockbrokers and investment advisors take advantage of your trust and you can find yourself facing the loss of your life savings because of the dishonesty of others. Investors lose billions of dollars each year to fraud stockbrokers, stockbroker misconduct, investment firm ...

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Stock broker fraud occurs when an individual broker or brokerage firm acts in a dishonest and manipulative way to the detriment of their client. Victims of fraudulent acts, such as unauthorized trading, churning or selling away, may be able to recoup their investment losses. Most claims against stockbrokers and brokerage firms fall...

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Each year, investors lose tens of billions of dollars at the hands of unethical and negligent financial professionals who abuse the trust and confidence of their clients. Bad financial markets expose and highlight investment fraud, stockbroker misconduct and stockbroker negligence. Whether it's recommending...

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Whether your loss is due to unsuitable investment advice, conflicts of interest, or investment fraud, all you know is your retirement income is gone. At Global Tax Solutions, our securities and investment fraud lawyers are dedicated to helping victims of stockbroker fraud, broker misconduct, and unsuitable recommendations recover their losses.

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